TOZO T6 Ergonomic with APP Edition (2024) Earbuds Review

TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds

Hello everybody! In this review, I’m covering the TOZO T6 true wireless earbuds. And I’m sure you are probably saying to yourselves: “Max, they’ve been out for 2 years. Over 2 years, in fact.” Of course, I know this. They were so incredible over 2 years ago that they have decided to bring the same model back with all new features. Let’s explore these upgraded TOZO T6 earbuds and why they could make the perfect stocking stuffer. Let’s get into it!

What’s in the box?

Alright, as the first runner-up, you receive the TOZO user manual along with a quick start guide. You’re also getting a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. And they’re kicking in 6 sets of silicone earbud gel tips. So I’m sure, there’s no excuse not to find the perfect comfort fit. Lastly, you get the TOZO T6 case.

What's included?

The case

I love the size of the TOZO T6 case. It’s going to be very pocketable.

Great sound in a little package

The case comes in a black matte finish. Although you won’t see the fingerprints, you will however see scratches. It’s just unavoidable.

In the front, you’re going to get 4 LED indicators to gauge the charging and battery percent. On the bottom is where you’ll find your USB-C charging port.

A closer look

Well, let’s take a closer look at the earbuds themselves. They feel very light. In fact, they’re claiming the earbuds buds to be “light as a feather”.

The TOZO T6 earbuds feel very light

You’re going to get a glossy finish on the touch controls, which, by the way, will operate everything from play/pause to volume up/down, next track, and even reverse a track. You can also use them to end calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant.

TOZO T6 touch controls


The upgraded version of the TOZO T6 is not only lighter but also uses a newly developed in-ear curved design to make wearing the earbuds extremely comfortable.

Love the new T6 ergonomic design
“I’ve been a long-time user of TOZO earbuds and the T6 model has always been my personal favorite because it has the perfect price-to-feature ratio and the size is perfect for my ears. I have reordered them at least 3x over the years because I tend to lose them. I was pleased to discover that, as of 2023, TOZO has released a new, more ergonomic design for these earbuds that preserves everything we loved about the original T6s with a new and improved form factor. These may not have some of the bells and whistles more expensive earbuds have like ANC or find-my-earbud, but these are an unbeatable value and most importantly – sound fantastic!”

The newly revamped TOZO T6 pair has an enhanced bass. It is punchy and deep, reaching as low as 16 Hertz. It blends perfectly with the mids and trebles, keeping sound close to reality. Such impressive audio performance is being pushed by 6 mm dynamic drivers.


Battery life: you get 50 hours on the case and 12 hours on the buds. It takes only 55 minutes to get you fully charged.

TOZO T6 battery life

The T6 comes with Bluetooth 5.3 and IPX8 rating. The buds are encased with the inner nano coating allowing you to submerge them 1 meter (3.28 ft) for 30 minutes.

What you don’t get

No 10-minute fast charge. You’re not going to be able to charge the T6 up and get yourself 2 hours on the fly.

Another feature I’ve seen in a lot of earbuds is the multi-point connection. You’re not going to be able to connect the T6 to two different devices at the same time.

Also, the TOZO T6 set doesn’t come with ANC and transparency mode.

And lastly, no gaming mode. Can you game with them? I’m sure you can. Do they have a specific latency button for that? No.

But I will give you some good news though: the upgraded TOZO T6 earbuds are coming equipped with the TOZO app.

App features

Clicking on the TOZO app will bring up your list of all your TOZO models, if you have any of course. Go ahead and click T6.


Now you’ll see a sweet-looking interface with the battery icons showing your earbuds’ charging level percentage, although there isn’t a battery percentage for the case.

TOZO app interface

Alright, let’s click on the settings in the upper right corner. Here you get the “Touch Control” and the “OTS Update”. Make sure your firmware is up to date and current.

TOZO T6 settings

Now let’s talk about the “Touch Control” feature. It is very cool and I wish every app supported it. Here you’re going to be able to change up how your buds control everything.

touch controls

Now let’s move to the home page and click on “More Sound Effects”. Here you get 16 preset genres which can also be set up with custom settings.

TOZO T6 EQ settings


The upgraded TOZO T6 version is just like the T6s of two years ago but way better with the added features. I have nothing to add here.

TOZO T6 final verdict

  1. You’ll enjoy a sleek design and exceptionally comfortable fit.
  2. You’ll receive an IPX8-rated pair with a total of 62 hours of playtime.
  3. You’ll experience incredible sound without breaking the bank.
  4. You’ll be completely satisfied!

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