girl wearing noise-cancelling headphones

How Does Noise Canceling Work?

How does noise canceling work? How do noise-canceling headphones work? In this brief article, I’ll quickly answer these questions. Noise-canceling headphones not only play your music but also create interference that combats the noise around you. The key principle here is destructive interference. A simple sound wave is a series of positive and negative pressure […]

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How Bluetooth works

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Did you ever ask yourself: how does Bluetooth work? Bluetooth is a really fascinating technology. For example, when you play music on your wireless headphones, your smartphone transmits around a million 1s and 0s to your headphones every second using Bluetooth. These 1s and 0s are assembled into 16-bit numbers which are used to build

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How does wireless charging work?

Wireless Charging Explained

Nothing feels quite like living in the future the way wireless charging does. Simply put, wireless charging lets you charge up your gadgets without having to plug in a cable for power. It’s pretty neat, but how does it actually work, and why should we bother? Are there any downsides to wireless charging? In very

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