TOZO A1 – Low Priced, Clear Sound, No Frills Earbuds

TOZO A1 Mini Wireless Earbuds

Hey, my beloved readers! Today, I’m reviewing the TOZO A1, a pair of incredibly affordable wireless headphones that I purchased on Amazon. Below is a link if you want to take a look at them.

TOZO A1s are probably one of the cheapest Bluetooth earbuds I could find. These are likely the best $16 (at this point) that I’ve spent on headphones.

TOZO A1 - Awesome sound and value!
“I have ordered the other model of tozo earbuds before and loved them. The price was $40ish, but I though that was a pretty good deal as they had good sound quality, noise canceling, and they stayed in my ears. They were waterproof, but I found if I used them in the shower they treat water droplets like touches. Well, I lost them and needed headphones so I tried these. They are just as good as my other Tozos (so far) and were half the price! Very satisfied with my purchase.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of my ratings for TOZO A1:

  1. Noise cancellation is a 4.5/5.
  2. Microphone is a 5/5: from people who hear me in call of duty and phone calls.
  3. Volume is a 4/5: not the best but the noise cancellation helps.
  4. Sound quality is a 4/5: better than what you’d expect out of a $16 microphone.
  5. Build quality is a 4/5: nice compact design feels well built.
  6. Fit is a 5/5: lots of options to make an exact fit in your ear hole.

Bottom line:

Are these earbuds worth $16? Definitely. Who wants to pay $250 for some overpriced Apple Q-tips that have the exact same sound quality and do the same thing?

TOZO minis fit perfect!
“The mini ones fit my ears so much better! Also, I love the green minty color. I just lost my other Tozo headphones on vacation and IMMEDIATELY came back to order a new pair. Love this brand!”

My personal experience using the A1s

TOZO A1 headphones are known for being very lightweight and sticking all the way in your ear so they’re great for doing sports. If you’re doing long-distance running this is a great headphone option for you.

When you open the box, you’ll find the quick guide and the headphones themselves. They come with several different sizes of earbud pieces so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

Great value AirPods alternative
“I lost the charging case to my 1st Gen AirPods Pro and have been on the fence about getting a replacement case or a set of the new 2nd Gen AirPods Pro. When it comes to tech I like to do a lot of research so I have yet to decide on the AirPods. A friend suggested getting a different model of TOZO wireless headphones to use in the meantime, but I chose these as they were at a lower price point and still had good reviews. I planned to use them temporarily and then as a backup for my AirPods but even just using them once I can’t believe how much I like them. They are super comfortable in my ears, have decent sound, and for the price point, I’m not paranoid about having to replace them if I lose them. Also, the touch controls are very convenient, and something my AirPods Pro 1st Gen didn’t have. So far TOZO has exceeded my expectations!”

Small container

I love the A1’s super petite box. It’s much smaller than a standard earbud box. The headphones also come with a very tiny USB A to USB C power cord as they are chargeable by USB C on the container.

Long range

Another cool thing about TOZO A1 earbuds is that they actually have a really long range; you should be able to get up to 40 inches away from whatever the A1s are connected to, and they will continue to play or handle your phone call. And yes, they do have a microphone built in, so you can take calls.

Immersive sound

The sound experience is really immersive. It is much better than I expected it would be for the price point. Obviously, it doesn’t have a super high base because it is really small but I’m playing techno songs and they are rocking!

Sensitive touch bar

The touch bar on the side works beautifully. I can tap it on and off to play, I can hold it to change the volume, and I triple-tap for it to talk to Siri or Alexa. I’m using Apple devices so it talks to Siri very cleanly.

I’m impressed with the TOZO A1 earbuds and I think you will love them as well.

If you’re looking for a set similar to this one but with wireless charging, you may consider the TAGRY X08.

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