EarFun Free Pro 3: Great Sounding Hi-Res Wireless ANC Earbuds

EarFun Free Pro 3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds

Hello everybody! In this review, we will discuss the EarFun Free Pro 3 earbuds. This is the third installment of their popular non-stem-style earbuds. And yes, this pair has quite a bit to offer!


The retail price of the EarFun Free Pro 3 pair is $79.99 on Amazon (at this point), but don’t forget to apply a 20% coupon to your order, bringing the final price down to $63.99. You can find the most current pricing information by visiting the official EarFun Amazon store link below.

The EarFun Free Pro 3 earbuds are available in 3 different colors: Brown Black, Navy Blue, and Silver White. They do use Bluetooth 5.3. And they also support multi-point connection so you can connect to more than one device at a time.

The big thing about these earbuds is that they support Snapdragon sound. So if you have the right device to be able to take advantage of this, you’re going to have lossless audio.

These also have aptX™ Adaptive playback, a Bluetooth codec that’s one of my favorites because it always adjusts to ensure you’re getting the best out of your sound quality. And you also get a gaming mode. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive pair to be able to use for music, then switch over and watch a movie or even a game, you don’t have to worry about lag because these have this built in.

The EarFun Free Pro 3 buds also have a hybrid ANC. And of course, they work with the EarFun Audio app which allows you to keep them updated, manage, and customize.

EarFun Audio

Touch controls

Speaking of the touch controls, I’m happy to say that out of the box it gives you control over everything. So you can play, pause, skip tracks forward, go backward, adjust the volume, and switch between noise-canceling mode, ambient mode, or turn it off altogether—those are the three different listening modes these have. The noise canceling on this pair is very impressive, especially considering its price point.


The under $100 range usually doesn’t have very impressive noise-canceling, but the Free Pro 3 does a good job not only blocking out lower tones like engine noises, AC units, and other ambient sounds, but also effectively muffles conversations. This level of noise isolation is uncommon in this price range.

However, if you do need to hear your surroundings, the ambient mode also works really well. You can switch to this mode when someone approaches to talk to you, allowing you to carry on a conversation without removing the earbuds. Alternatively, you can simply leave them off altogether and listen in normal mode.

Battery life

Battery life is where you’ll get the most value, as a full charge with noise canceling off provides approximately 7.5 hours of usage, with an additional 33 hours available when using the charging case.

If you’re going to use the gaming mode or the noise canceling, this is going to drop the battery life down to about 6 hours on the earbuds. But another huge plus is it does have a really nice fast charge feature. So if you’re like me and you don’t always make sure that your earbuds are charged, if you go and pick them up and they’re dead, a 10-minute charge will get you 2 hours of use.

EarFun Free Pro 3 - Seriously good earbuds
“Love these earbuds! They sound just awesome. The mids, highs, and even the bass are all well-balanced. The Earfun App helps tailor the sound that you like. The app navigation is easy and fairly intuitive. Fit and comfort are where these earbuds shine…….felt like I wasn’t wearing any. Battery life is sufficient and charged fast via USB-C cable. A compact design means these will fit in your pocket very easily. Build quality seems okay…….they are an all-plastic build……some of your higher-end buds have some aluminum to their builds. All in all, these are some stellar earbuds! I recommend.”

What’s included

As for what they’ve included inside the box, you do get five sets of silicone ear tips, one set of foam ear tips, and you also get three ear grips or wing tips or whatever you want to call them. The package also comes with a USB-C cable but luckily you don’t even have to use it because the Free Pro 3 supports Qi Wireless charging.

Case design

Let’s move over to the design of the earbuds and the case.

The case looks tiny, especially when compared to the EarFun Air Pro 3‘s case. That’s because the Free Pro 3 buds don’t have that stem-style design and they’re not taking up as much space.

The Free Pro 3 earbuds are also really small. Again, they do have little wing tips that stick up but they don’t stick out much on your ears.

If you’re going to use the earbuds outdoors, they do have an IPX5 rating so you don’t really have to worry if it starts to rain or if you sweat heavily, or if they even get splashed on. But this still is not one of those pairs that you would want to drop into water.

EarFun Free Pro 3 earbuds case


For phone calls, the EarFun Free Pro 3 features a total of 6 microphones and utilizes CVC 8.0 technology, ensuring clear and crisp audio quality. So it’s doing a pretty good job of blocking out your surroundings and then just focusing on your voice.

Sound quality

When it comes to sound, the Free Pro 3s use 7 mm wool composite dynamic drivers, resulting in a pretty dynamic sound. If you’ve tried EarFun earbuds before, you’ll kind of know what to expect. You’ll get punchy bass and a nice, clean, brighter treble, similar to the Harman Curve. They boost everything on the corners—treble and bass—while slightly pushing the mids forward so vocalists never get buried. Male or female vocalists always stand out, but they don’t sound like they’re right in front of you. You still get a pretty thumping low end and a very bright treble. The treble doesn’t get harsh, and the bass doesn’t sound overly bloated or loose, like in some other earbuds. It seems like they have everything pretty well controlled, and it works well across all genres.

EarFun Free Pro 3: overall opinion

Really decent earbuds

My overall opinion is this: if you’re looking at the Free Pro 3s and you’re also looking at the Air Pro 3s, the Air Pro 3s do have better battery life, use larger drivers, come with a larger case, and have that stem-style.

Anyway, with the Free Pro 3s, you’re getting: Snapdragon sound, aptX™ Adaptive playback, Qi Wireless charging, and decent battery life. Also having that app support and being able to switch between different EQ options is really nice. So there’s a lot that you’re getting in a pair that you can pick up right now for only $63.99, which makes it an extremely easy pair to recommend.

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