PocBuds T60 True Wireless Earbuds Review

PocBuds Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds

Hey everybody! In this short review, I’m going to quickly give you my thoughts on very cool-looking true wireless earbuds from PocBuds – the T60. I purchased them a couple of weeks ago and I’m very happy with them.

Pairing PocBuds

First of all, these PocBuds pair very quickly with my smartphone. I’ve had problems with this with my previous Bluetooth headphones which was just annoying. So I got the PocBuds T60 and never had any problems with the connection. With these PocBuds everything works very easily and fast. In general, when you have paired the earbuds with your smartphone, they will automatically turn on and connect when you open the charging case. So you don’t have to pair them again every time you use them. And by the way, the earbuds use Bluetooth 5.3.

PocBuds are really great headphones for a good price!
“I love these headphones! They are very budget-friendly and boast a great sound! The charger case seems to last quite a while in between case chargings! I use these headphones for the gym and they stay put. I highly recommend these for any music lover, podcaster listener, or whatever you use them for!”

Sound quality

Then of course, what’s most important about earbuds is the sound quality, and for me personally, it was surprisingly good. I don’t really need a crazy sound quality, but the quality of the T60 PocBuds was way better than I expected. It is honestly really good. It has a powerful base and it is just crystal clear. Obviously, I can’t show you the quality in this post, so I can just say that in my eyes or my ears better say it’s a very good quality. I already had several other Bluetooth earbuds before and these PocBuds are among the best. Also, when I use them for phone calls, they are very clear and they isolate your voice from the surrounding noise. With the T60 you can ensure that the other person can also understand you very well.

Great fit and wonderful noise cancellation!
“My husband got a pair and I loved them so much that I got myself a pair in a different color! I love how it fits securely in my ear. The sound is clear and the noise cancellation is great for when I want to study in peace. I listen to audiobooks, music, and movies all the time I think I only have to charge them once a week.”

You can also control your music or whatever with the PocBuds. For example, if you tap on the left earbud twice, you go to the previous track. You can also control the volume, start the Voice Assistant, answer calls, and do many other things.

Battery life

The battery life is more or less like 8 hours of continuous playtime, which is more than enough for me. And then with the charging case, you can extend the battery life to about 80 hours. So you have 10 times the original battery life, which is very good.

The charging case is very nice in general as well. It has two little displays that show the percentage of battery left. You can charge it with a classic USB-C cable that is also included in the scope of delivery. Moreover, the case also supports wireless charging.

PocBuds are great for ear fatigue.
“I can’t feel the buds hanging on my ears. Great sound, too. The charging case is kinda big. The charging port is type C, so no new cord to carry around.”

PosBuds are comfortable!

One last thing that’s also very important to me is wearing comfort. I have very small ears and I have tried different earbuds before that all did not fit that great. So yeah, I don’t really like the classic earbud design and these PocBuds have kind of an over-ear design which apparently works very well with my ears. So for me, they are very comfortable as well.

Final verdict: PocBuds T60

So yeah, all in all, I am very happy with these PocBuds earbuds and can definitely recommend them!

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